DA YU has been manufacturing sporting compression socks since year 1992 and marketing worldwide with the brand name - JIANI®. Our sporting compression socks are functional sport socks with graduated compression that can increase in blood circulation and a consequent increase in performance. Whether you are walking, running, jogging, ridding, or engaging in any kinds of athletic activities, our sporting compression socks can help improve your endurance, performance, and recovery.

In order to keep you feeling comfortable and preventing injuries, DA YU applies the latest innovations in sock technology and only prime quality materials to manufacture sporting compression socks.

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DAYU-sporting compression socks series



Venous stasis is a common condition in which the flow of blood from the legs to the heart is abnormal.

Most people assume that the heart pumps blood out to the legs and then pumps it back. That's only half right. Actually, the heart only pumps the blood out. Leg muscles pump it back. Every time a leg muscle tightens (called contraction), it squeezes the leg veins flat. Blood is pushed through the veins like toothpaste being squeezed from a tube.

Standard graduated compression sock design and how does it work?

Standard graduated compression sock design and how does it work?graduwill instantly feel supported and comfortable, but ated compression sock, his or her legs the real benefit of wearing "standrad graduated compression" happens at a deeper level. All Jiani-sport socks use the science of standard graduated compression. 100% compression is strongest at the ankle and gradually decrease to the leg (see diagram). The sporting socks actually act as a layer of muscle, gently squeezing stretched vein walls.This built-in feature helps fight the force of gravity and circulate the blood back to circulated it provides much-needed oxygen and nutrients to tired muscles that have been deprived during a workout. It help muscles regenerate more efficiently, as well as help remove any lactic acid that is built up. Today's athletes understand that true graduated compression helps their performance, training ,and recovery which used after finished sport.

Quality control

Compression socks are useful because of they can provide standard graduated compression.Jiani-sport compression socks use the most advanced medical compression stocking testing equipment (MST Professional) to ensure a true compression. Every sock is tested before shipment – includes compression and tension test,follow the CE DD ENV 12718 and USA FDA instruction to make sure you can reach higher performance ,good training and fast recovery.